Doing the Mambo no more

I’ve been using Mambo CM to create my webpage for almost two years now but I’ve been wanting a change lately. We got a new powerbook recently and editing on the Mac just isn’t as easy as it is on a PC. For some reason the browser doesn’t load the admin page correctly and certain elements of the site seem not to render as well on the Mac as on the PC. So I am trying out MovableType with the hope that it will suit my needs a little more closely. My other problem with Mambo is that support for is fading as the designers are slowly migrating to a new CM called Joomla!. While most components and modules currently work for both Mambo and Joomla!, I suspect there will be a day in which Mambo is no longer supported. I am sure many in the Mambo community will disagree, but I am not going to take my chances. So far, the basic posting process with MovableType has been a lot easier than with Mambo. It is a much cleaner layout and I am always a fan of good, clean design.

My next step is to upload some photos, and perhaps try to migrate some of my Mambo content to this new site. Stay tuned as the site transforms…


March 21, 2006 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

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