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April 23, 2006 at 6:24 pm 1 comment

40 bags of top soil, 10 bags of paving cement, 150 pavers, 25 annuals, 1 power rake and 48 hours later, our yard is finally a contender for the "Southwood Park Award Home" honor – or so our neighbors say…not that we are shooting for that distinction at all.  Though the front yard appears to be the big accomplishment this weekend, we are actually most happy about the the progress we make on the back yard.  The power rake from Home Depot got up all the dead grass that we weren’t able to rake by hand last weekend, and then we spread topsoil, lawn seeds and fertilizer.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll really start to see our new lawn take shape. 

Today was a big day for Baxter too – his last day of school.  Behold yet another graduation photo!  We’re not signing him up for the Advanced Training class because, quite frankly, we like him just the way he is, and we’re tired of Sunday morning classes!  Yesterday we visited Law’s Country Kennel in Roanoke, which is where he will stay when Chris and I head back to Maine for Mother’s Day.  It’s a nice, family-owned kennel in the farmlands just beyond of Fort Wayne – we feel comfortable leaving him there for the few days we’ll be gone.   He’s well-adjusted enough that I’m sure he’ll just have fun!

There’s really not a whole lot going on right now apart from all the landscaping – not much to report on, which is good I guess.  It’s nice to slow down in the summer and have time to enjoy the weather.  I was just saying to Chris that as much as I love autumn, here in Fort Wayne I really love the spring.  There are so many beautifully landscaped parks and streets, filled with colorful trees and rows upon rows of flowers.  It is the one time that Fort Wayne really shines, and during every day of warm weather, I feel myself really happy to be here.  So, I’m slowing it down and soaking it in.

P.S.  i am pondering a name change for the Daily Digital, because who am I fooling?  There is no way I am going to get a picture up every day.  So to make up for my lack in photos lately, I’ve posted a bunch this time – check them out!  Click on today’s Daily and then just keep clicking Next for the rest! 


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