Another Week Has Passed

April 7, 2006 at 8:06 am Leave a comment

It is so hard to believe it is already Friday – this week at home has flown by and now we’re down to only two days left.  It’ll be hard to once again leave our families and familiarity of Maine.  Despite the home and jobs in Fort Wayne, it certainly doesn’t feel like home.  We look forward to the day we can move back to Maine, at least for the summer season anyway!

Throughout the week we couldn’t help making comparisons between Indiana and Maine.  I am sure we feel particularly comfortable in Maine simply because we grew up here, but we have enjoyed noting the things that make it a wonderful place to live.  I found it funny that I found so many books on display at the Bangor Borders that I want to read, but yet I can go to Borders in Fort Wayne and never really have anything interesting jump out at me.  My theory is that the display in Bangor was just more in tune with my interests, which are more in tune with other Mainers rather than Hoosiers.  Chris couldn’t believe all the organic foods at the Old Town Hannaford – and not just in the "Wild Harvest" section of the store.  They carry his Uncle George’s Helios Nutrition kefir and FAGE Greek yogurt!  We have also had fun getting some of our favorite foods during this visit, like Little Lads popcorn and curried crab rangoons from Thai Saim.  I have stocked up on Little Lads for the trip home, yummmm!

The Scion is nearing 3500 miles on it, so we are sitting in the Downeast Toyota right now as it gets an oil change.  They have a "wireless hotspot" in their waiting room, so I am typing away while Chris watches CNBC on the TV & reads Fortune magazine.  Baxter is sound asleep on the floor, just like the good pup he is!  I am running on battery reserve power right now though, so I am going to close up here.  More to come when we’re back in the fort.


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