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40 bags of top soil, 10 bags of paving cement, 150 pavers, 25 annuals, 1 power rake and 48 hours later, our yard is finally a contender for the "Southwood Park Award Home" honor – or so our neighbors say…not that we are shooting for that distinction at all.  Though the front yard appears to be the big accomplishment this weekend, we are actually most happy about the the progress we make on the back yard.  The power rake from Home Depot got up all the dead grass that we weren’t able to rake by hand last weekend, and then we spread topsoil, lawn seeds and fertilizer.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll really start to see our new lawn take shape. 

Today was a big day for Baxter too – his last day of school.  Behold yet another graduation photo!  We’re not signing him up for the Advanced Training class because, quite frankly, we like him just the way he is, and we’re tired of Sunday morning classes!  Yesterday we visited Law’s Country Kennel in Roanoke, which is where he will stay when Chris and I head back to Maine for Mother’s Day.  It’s a nice, family-owned kennel in the farmlands just beyond of Fort Wayne – we feel comfortable leaving him there for the few days we’ll be gone.   He’s well-adjusted enough that I’m sure he’ll just have fun!

There’s really not a whole lot going on right now apart from all the landscaping – not much to report on, which is good I guess.  It’s nice to slow down in the summer and have time to enjoy the weather.  I was just saying to Chris that as much as I love autumn, here in Fort Wayne I really love the spring.  There are so many beautifully landscaped parks and streets, filled with colorful trees and rows upon rows of flowers.  It is the one time that Fort Wayne really shines, and during every day of warm weather, I feel myself really happy to be here.  So, I’m slowing it down and soaking it in.

P.S.  i am pondering a name change for the Daily Digital, because who am I fooling?  There is no way I am going to get a picture up every day.  So to make up for my lack in photos lately, I’ve posted a bunch this time – check them out!  Click on today’s Daily and then just keep clicking Next for the rest! 


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Once Around the Block

It’s only my third day back on the job, but I’ve already presented a job description proposal to my boss to hire my assistant.   Knowing our budget is tight, I kept it to an 8-hour per week position – which doesn’t seem like much, but for me, being able to shave off a day’s worth of mundane tasks will be heaven!  I tried to structure the job so that it actually seems like something worth-while, not just all the dull things I hate doing!  Overall I think it’s a good proposal and will probably go through pretty easily.   Key skills will include computer proficiency and highly organized – know anyone in Fort Wayne that fits the bill?

It may be a tiny car, but the Scion sure pulled through last night when Chris finally bought a cruiser bike and needed to get it home.  He did have to remove the front wheel, and Baxter & I did have to share the front seat, but we got it in there!  We went on a short ride around the neighborhood last night, looking so cute, him on his blue cruiser and me on my pink one!  I’ll post a picture later – stay on the lookout!    


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Tuesday is the New Monday

Indiana may be permantly on Eastern timezone now, but driving back here seemed like it was a world away.  In Maine, we had a snowstorm, but surrounding our house in Fort Wayne, the tulips and daffodils are blooming and the temperature has reached a steady 70 degrees.   We spent yesterday working in the backyard, starting the reseeding process on the lawn.  We’ve taken Baxter for a couple good runs at the dog park, and he’s getting reacclimated to all new dogs.  You’d think he’d be a pro at making new friends after the trip home to Maine, but I think Maggie and Cleo made him a little leary of unfamiliar faces.  After a few more days, I’m sure he’ll be back to his old self, King of Pawster Park.

The trip back home really made Chris and I realize how much we miss it there.  Reconnecting with our families, visiting the ocean, enjoying our favorite restaurants and shops – we really felt the contrast between Maine and Indiana.  As nice as it is here, it’s just not home.  Waves of corn stalks just can’t replace the tide – though Baxter would probably beg to differ.  He was a little freaked out by the water chasing his paws, but he’ll learn.  We have a goal of moving back within the next 18 months and making a country dog out of the little guy.  

It’s late and Chris and I still have to do a little stock research yet before we got to sleep.  If we ever hope to make moving back to Maine a reality, then we’ve got to stick to the plan!  Good night!  



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Another Week Has Passed

It is so hard to believe it is already Friday – this week at home has flown by and now we’re down to only two days left.  It’ll be hard to once again leave our families and familiarity of Maine.  Despite the home and jobs in Fort Wayne, it certainly doesn’t feel like home.  We look forward to the day we can move back to Maine, at least for the summer season anyway!

Throughout the week we couldn’t help making comparisons between Indiana and Maine.  I am sure we feel particularly comfortable in Maine simply because we grew up here, but we have enjoyed noting the things that make it a wonderful place to live.  I found it funny that I found so many books on display at the Bangor Borders that I want to read, but yet I can go to Borders in Fort Wayne and never really have anything interesting jump out at me.  My theory is that the display in Bangor was just more in tune with my interests, which are more in tune with other Mainers rather than Hoosiers.  Chris couldn’t believe all the organic foods at the Old Town Hannaford – and not just in the "Wild Harvest" section of the store.  They carry his Uncle George’s Helios Nutrition kefir and FAGE Greek yogurt!  We have also had fun getting some of our favorite foods during this visit, like Little Lads popcorn and curried crab rangoons from Thai Saim.  I have stocked up on Little Lads for the trip home, yummmm!

The Scion is nearing 3500 miles on it, so we are sitting in the Downeast Toyota right now as it gets an oil change.  They have a "wireless hotspot" in their waiting room, so I am typing away while Chris watches CNBC on the TV & reads Fortune magazine.  Baxter is sound asleep on the floor, just like the good pup he is!  I am running on battery reserve power right now though, so I am going to close up here.  More to come when we’re back in the fort.

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Home Sweet Home

Even though I’m 26 years old, this trip sure proved I’m not as young as I used to be.  I have driven cross-country three times in my life, with all the stamina you’d expect from a 20-year old, but on this trip from Fort Wayne to Bangor, I just couldn’t seem to stay awake.  I ended up handing over the majority of the driving to Chris who, despite typically falling asleep at the drop of a hat, did great at the wheel.  But then again, he is a bit younger than me…

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Thursday is the New Friday

I started this week with a list of fourteen very important things I must get done by the end of the week.  We depart on our 17-hour road trip to Maine this weekend, and I promised myself that if I could get everything on that list done by Thursday, I would take Friday off to rest, get packed and be mentally ready for the road ahead.  It is now 4:45 Wednesday afternoon and I am only faced with one project left…  it’s a big one, but I’m halfway through with it, so it’s looking good for Friday!

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After a quick seven days on eBay, my Subaru Outback is sold! We got more for it than we would have asked had we sold it locally, so that, combined with having to do no legwork other than give it a good cleaning last weekend, has hooked me on Chris’ process of selling cars! The buyer is coming down from Michigan tomorrow to pick it up and then we’ll be a two car family again. The Scion is such a great car, I am so happy that we didn’t instead put more money into fixing up the Outback.

The official indicator of Spring in Fort Wayne is not March 20th, but rather the season opening of Zesto’s. Just two days ago locals lined up in winter coats, in a snowfall, to get a taste of the first batch of ice cream. Now we all know what an ice cream fanatic Chris is, but even he has not asked to make a Zestos run yet. We’ve mutually agreed that it must be at least 50 degrees outside before we’ll even consider it. I refuse to eat ice cream wearing mittens.

I am not yet convinced that I want to switch this website to Movable Type (see entry below), so for now I am keeping the old site and just redirecting your browser to the temporary server. I am currently working on a new photo gallery and contact page for this site. For now you can send a message through the comment section, or just good ol’ email: renee@lostlizard.org. Let me know what you think of the new site and its progress…

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